My top 3 challenges

Everyone faces challenges –  It’s how we deal with them that makes the difference…

I’m taking part in Natalie Sisson’s 10 Day Blog Challenge and this is my first blog post for this. Today we are asked to write a little bit about the challenges we’re facing in our businesses and lives. Natalie raised a valid point that a lot of people might be very hesitant to discuss and show their own challenges on their blog and I have to admit I did think so too. I think we’re all not the greatest in admitting that we do struggle with things, that sometimes the going gets tough and we’re facing hurdles along the way. Especially as a life and business coach, we should appear to have it all sorted, right?! Wrong! I think in particular as a coach myself I continuously need to work on my own “challenges” and personal as well as professional development. Challenges are a fact and we are all facing them on a daily basis. Here are my (current) top three and how I’m trying to deal with them and overcome them.


Challenge 1:

Being impatient – this is in my DNA; when I have an idea I want to have it done already – at best about 3 weeks ago to be honest. But obviously that doesn’t always work (actually never). After the idea is born, the work has to follow to put it into action. And although I love dreaming up the plan and actions of how to make the idea a reality, then comes the struggle to implement this plan. This is truly an ongoing challenge I’m facing and so far I haven’t found “the solution”.


Solution 1:

One great way though is to cut the big plan into several small steps with deadlines. The trick here is to reward yourself when you’ve completed a task – that will help momentum going.


Solution 2:

Another solution I’ve just discovered by experience is to partner up with someone just as equally impatient and passionate about the idea though and help each other accountable and going.  


Challenge 2:

Too many ideas – I love having several projects going on at the same time. Often when I have one idea several (not necessarily related) ones also come up. This then though makes it hard to stay focussed on one project and getting tasks done when your mind always starts wandering to other projects and tasks.


Solution 2:

Have designated time slots – planning and structure is so important, especially if you’re impatient and a bit of a multi-project person. Split your day or week up to have an appropriate amount of time pre assigned to your particular projects, so you know when to work on what and you can also ensure no projects gets neglected or forgotten about altogether.


Challenge 3:

This brings us to my third challenge and where I’m very much not living what I preach… I really struggle to stick to my plan. I often use “my life” as an excuse. My partner works shift work, which for us means that every week is different. One week he might be home Monday and Tuesday and at work Wednesday and Thursday day, and the next week it might look completely different. For the sake of family and relationship time and because we’re also running a business together I tend to set my schedule around his shifts – but that makes routine and structure in my own business really difficult… But you know what? Even as I type this I have to admit that yes, this is really just an excuse not to stick to it. If I would really want to and have my priorities set right, I would just stick to my plan and make it work.


On that I will commit to sticking to my plan for at least the next 10 days during this challenge and actually live what I preach. Watch this space…


This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 1