When life throws you a curve ball (or many)

I’ve been super quiet over the last few – actually several – months now. My business – Rulebreaker’s Academy – had to take a massive step back. Here is why.

In about July last year, I have made the decision to listen to my heart and follow a long-held but quite passion project of mine.

I live in a small town in New Zealand and since moving here and being involved in the business community here – being a home-based entrepreneur myself – in conversation we’d often would come back to the need for Cambridge to have more meeting spaces, a place for freelancers, home-based business owners and their likes to meet and connect, for meetings to be held, instead of always doing things like this in a public café. After about 3 years I’ve finally gave in and made the call. I’d start Cambridges’ first co-working space. The urge and the worry of someone else beating me to it, became too great.

Initially I thought I’d be able to still commit to both – coaching and starting this massive new project. But of course I wasn’t prepared for what other surprises life could throw at me.

First of all, it was very hard to find an appropriate space in the limited real estate market that Cambridge has to offer and it took us a lot longer than anticipated, taking up a lot of my time. On top of that, my partner and I had to go through some not so nice things and issues, which made me not feel like in a great position to coach my clients, yet alone in the frame of mind to create something truly amazing to support my people. Late October my partner’s step-dad passed away very suddenly, leaving us with some additional challenges during a time we were barely able to deal with the already existing ones. Two weeks later – the day we finally signed the lease contract for the co-working space – I found out that I was pregnant with our third child. Not completely unexpected but still a bit of a shock, yet alone the timing. I had just officially committed to making this co-working space a reality, investing a good amount of money, too, and if that was not enough now I had to deal with a new baby arriving in our lives in a few months time.

Let’s just say, I’m one of those women who aren’t dealing too well with the first trimester of pregnancy. The ability to move out of my bed on a daily basis was stopped by if not only a massive lack of motivation, then by a constant feeling of wanting to nausea … it’s not pleasant. Luckily I have been blessed with two amazing women, who I get to call my friends and business partners, who were able to step it up for me and take care of stuff while I was in no position to.

Soon enough I was through the worst and able to function again, just in time for the end-spurt to get the co-working space up and running for our opening in early February. Fast forward a couple more months from there and things are going pretty well – physical for myself, I’m in the second trimester, have plenty of energy and despite like feeling the size of a whale already, I know in reality I’m not that big yet which makes life still fairly comfortable. Meraki Workspace is taking off and although there is still plenty of work to be done to make it truly successful, we are positive and know we’re on a great track. My partner and I are working through our “issue” which allows me to get my head back into the game.


Why am I telling you all of this?!


I want you to see, that sometimes life throws you curve balls (more times than not, there are several coming at once, making it even more fun) whether or not you are ready for them. It’s the way how we deal with them that matters in the end.


So, how can we deal with it? Here are my personal top 3.


  1. Don’t beat yourself up for it

I think one of the worst things you can do in that situation is to beat yourself up for falling off the wagon or steering off your path. As I said before, life happens to the best of us and sometimes this will make us have to change direction a little and accommodate the new situation, whether we want to or not. Beating yourself up for it, will take away the last little bit of energy you might have instead of investing this into making the most of the situation.

  1. Set your priorities right and stay focused

Staying focused is definitely hard when you have to deal with “issues” along the way. This is why it is so important to, before you head off on an endeavor to know WHY you’re doing it and what your BIG AUDACIOUS GOAL behind it is. If you’re as clear as can be about this then it will be easier to stay focused on it and to keep your priorities in the right order when things get muddled up.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes these priorities will have to change – for a while. But again, if you’re clear on the end outcome, the big picture, then it will be easier to steer back onto your path when life allows it and you’re ready for it.


  1. Mind the burn out

This one is a bit of a combination of the first two points. Trying too hard to keep on track at all costs, can quickly lead to burn out. Beating yourself up for not moving forward and not allowing any excuses at all, can cost you a lot of emotional stress that will not help your productivity and ability to make progress. Adding too much unnecessary pressure on yourself which again can ultimately lead to burn out and the complete fail of whatever it is you’re working on. So rather than risking that, cut yourself some slack, allow that “other thing” the time it requires and then come back, remembering your big picture and refocusing when you’re ready. Everything can wait, especially if it’s the real thing.


So next time life throws you a curve ball, maybe remember these three points and I hope they will help you get back to your dreams quicker.


Do you have any other tips and tricks? Please share them in the comments below!