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Do you want to experience a powerful coaching session? RULEBRKRS__apr16-285b2

Obviously I’m a total advocate of coaching – and I believe everyone should have a coach, really. I think regardless of what situation you’re in or what you want to work towards, you will benefit from coaching. Especially so from transformative coaching which will deliver sustainable change that you will benefit from in years to come (hence sustainable…).

On top of the traditional transformative coaching that I got trained in, I also bring in my hands-on technical knowledge and own experience as an entrepreneur into our coaching sessions if you wish so. This means over the course of our coaching relationship, if you find yourself in a space that you require some business advice that is absolutely also something that we can tap into. I call that an extra bonus from coaching with me.

Besides that though, my type of coaching is all about you. You tell me what you want to talk and think about during our sessions – and even if you’re not sure about what exactly it is, don’t worry we can find that out. Actually, it’s really funny. Usually the session that clients don’t quite know what to work on beforehand are the most powerful ones.

Having said all of that, you truly have to experience coaching first before you can believe all the things that get promised. I can tell you a whole lot here but you really need to feel it to believe it.

This is why, I’m offering a 2 hour complimentary coaching session – yes you heard that right, it’s complimentary, meaning free of charge. Coaching can be a significant investment and especially if you haven’t really experienced it before you want to make sure you’re making the right decision, with the right coach.

So, go ahead and book your free session now and see if my type of coaching and me as the coach is the right fit for you.

I look forward to talking to you.



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