Chances are if you've stumbled across this page you're here for a reason.

Read on if any of the following questions resonate with you:


Do you feel like you're on the verge of something  big Do you need to figure out what it takes to make the leap and where it will take you?


Do you want to start your own business but don't know what that might look like or what you need to do for it?


Or have you been in business for a while but are not where you want to be?


You know you're made for something greater but the unknown scares you.

You want to help people become better versions of themselves but you simply don't know how to put "it" out to the world.

If any of this sounds a bit like you...


I’m offering you a

3 month coaching intensive

Together we will dive deep into who you are, who you want to be and what you want to do.

Don't really know the answers to these questions? Don't worry!

We will find the answers together. And no, I won't tell you the answers...

In our coaching relationship, I won't be your trainer, consultant or counsellor - I will be your partner.

You are the expert in yourself! I don't need to be!

You already have all the answers, they're just hiding inside of you.

I won't tell you how to live your life and run your business - I merely help you discover what it is you truly desire - and I bet you it is not what you are thinking of right now.

What I am here for is to create the space for you to go deep. Deeper than you've ever been before. To places inside of you that have been hiding but have been waiting to be discovered and be released for so long.

I don't judge so there is no need for justifying your thoughts, feelings and ideas.

This time is all about YOU and who you want to be! Truly - in your heart of hearts!



Before we go any further, I guess you want to find out a bit more about who I am and where I'm coming from with this.

What makes me a qualified and great coach and how can I help you.

Well, here it goes:

I don't mean to brag, but if you work with me, you get all of the below in one lovely package. It actually doesn't get much easier than that. Tap into my experience and knowledge today and make your dream business a reality.

entrepreneurI have extensive experience of running my own business PLUS I have attended quite a few higher end trainings and invest a large amount of time in my upskilling and continues personal development - you can benefit from that - I'm sharing all my knowledge with you to help you find the answers to your questions quicker. 

virtual assistant


online marketing specialistOver the last two years I've been building a successful Virtual Assistant business from scratch. I've started with doing everything and anything for anyone who was willing to pay me to specialising in Online Marketing - online presence, newsletter marketing, social media, blogging and everything in between. I have the technical know how and the theoretical marketing background you need to propel your business forward. 

life coachI've completed an intensive training for transformative coaching. A coaching approach that creates sustainable change in clients by raising awareness and finding clarity through questioning the current thought patterns. The coach training is approved by ICF (the International Coach Federation) and I need to fulfil a certain standard in coaching to be able to carry the ICF credentials.

PLUS I also receive coaching myself - I think only if I invest in myself and experience the power of coaching myself, can I truly suggest for you to invest in the same and to trust the process. 

business coach    Using my own experience of running my own business, the technical knowledge,  theoretical and hands-on skill I've gained from my Virtual Assistant business with my Bachelor of Business Analysis majoring in Accounting and my general approach of making decision and evaluating questions from all angles I can help you create a long term strategy for your dream business that is realistic, takes into account your strengths, abilities and resources and gives you the best shot at creating your dream business. 


We committ to each other for a

3 month coaching intensive

heart2 hour initial session to dive deep into where you're at and where you want to be

heartOver the three months we get together weekly for approximately 60 minute sessions.

heartWeekly check in sheets to hold you accountable and track your progress.

heartYou get a Reflection session at the end, which will help you conclude what we have worked on and achieved together. 

heartYou can email me for support in between sessions. 

heartYou get access to resources and to my online course “The Basics” when it’s released. 

heartYou will receive a complimentary follow up session about 2 months after our last session.



Do you want to experience what a true coaching session can do?

Do you want to find out how I work and to see if we are a good fit for each other?


Then book your powerful 2 hour coaching session today and let's see what we can discover inside of you, waiting to come out.


Book your session now!

We've already worked together in the past and you're keen to sign up for more?

You know we're a great fit and are ready to make a longer term commitment?

Even if we haven't worked together yet, you're super keen and ready to trust your gut?

Then don't hold back any longer.


My 3 month coaching package is $2497 -

you can either pay this amount in full

or make 3 monthly payments of $847


Special introductory offer 

Get the 3 months coaching package for a special rate of US$1997 (one full payment)

or 3 payments of US$665.

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